Monday, May 11, 2009

Post 202-Threes and a Five

It's hard to write a blog when you cat insists on giving your arm a bath, just in case you wanted to know.
I have been very busy, work is going fine and the day zooms by so fast. My four week class on knitting I've been teaching at Northwestern University is over now so no more 15 hours mondays of non stop go-go-go. Everyone seems to be in motion these days, wanting to get out, do stuff, hang-out and enjoy life, and as busy as we all are, I think we will be enjoying this hectic summer. They say things happen in threes, well my threes involve high school. I didn't bring my lunch to work in friday so I decided to explore the eating choices in the river west area I work and remembered Lou Mitchells was only a couple of blocks away. The ambiance is classic, overpriced diner food, decent, but it reminded me of my days in high school when we would take field trips into Union Station from the burbs for art or music class, eat breakfast at Lou's (they still handout Milkduds) and lunch at the Berghoff. Later on friday after I got out of work early (summer hours) I met up with my cousin Patrica at Lovely, which is literally a lovely cafe, to catch up on family gossip and play the family card game of Spite and Malice with my new Tiffany and Co playing cards. The music being played by the coffee shop, Nirvana, also from my high school days. And just today I was friended on facebook by an old friend from high school's younger sister, who I also knew. See, things come in threes.
Now I'm busy planning a quickie in and out trip to Arkansas again, and by in and out I mean in on saturday and out on sunday. A bit pricey for one night, but it's the Grandmothers' 85th and she was so happy to hear I was coming. I might have to deal with some relatives I do not like (using good language here and keeping the cusswords that are more descriptive in check)but as long as I get my haircut, nails done and facial before, I'll be all set. Now I don't know what to wear, I have a nice arsenal of dresses to choose from, but if G-ma uses the word swanky in describing the shindig, I'll be in trouble. I need to find myself a little black (or in my case, a not so little) dress that can be dressed up or down easily and won't wrinkle to much in an overnight bag.
This weekend I'm already booked up, what happen to the lazy days when I got to sleep in??? Saturday is the Knitting Guild's Annual Lorna's Laces tour and sale, and I love me some LL sock yarn. Sunday is the alumni viewing of the new modern wing on the Art Institue, this is the first time I ever got something for free from them since I graduated, not even free admission after the first year.

I think I'm going to splurge on a purchase of some books from Amazon that have been piling up on my wishlist, in honor of what appears to be my 5th year blogiversary. I keep thinking how the hell did that happen and damn, my laptop is old.