Friday, January 26, 2007

Post 45

Have the Blog-uggs, absolutely no desire right now to blog, but I will try anyway. I've been a busy little bee and have put up four of what I hope will be many more lots of yarn on ebay, buyers remose has come at last. I'm amidst a knitters personally evolution, where basically you realize you know longer desire to have one ball of this or that, just because it was on sale, especially the crap. So on ebay went some STR (not crap, good yarn) the minute I bought it at Stitches I knew it was a mistake, it was too bright and cheerful for me. Also went a skein of Lorna's laces Shepherd Bulky and Worsted, plus a couple of weeks ago I was really stupid and bought 16 balls of some sparkly Trendsetter yarn that was on supersale and it is so not me, no matter how much I try. Except for sock yarn I have too many one-ball wonders and I never use it. I would rather sell alot of this excess and then put some good money down on quality quantity, that's my new motto, "Quality-Quantity". I've always wanted to do a cotton sweater out of that organic natural colored stuff but never wanted to spend the money, no more! On the actual knit side of life, I'm not going anywhere fast. The shawl was completed last week, my at work project is almost done, I have this super soft atrocious green sock yarn that I won at the Dulaan Knit-in that I can't seem to come up with a good pattern for, I'm over thinking it. It would be really nice to make so St Patty's socks, but I think a nice organic pattern will look better, maybe Cookie's Monkey. I'm almost ready to order the Fair Isle Cardigan pallete pattern from Knitpicks, some very late x-mas money made it into my pocket today, but I think it wise to practice a bit first before going full throttle Fair Isle style. I'm sure I can come up with an odd ball or two in my stash to mess around with.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Post 44

Little hint, if you find yourself without a spritzing water bottle when blocking your knitting that new mint scented Febreeze works in a pinch. The Ene's shawl is done.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Post 43

Was flipping through the channels tonight and found myself on Chicago's WTTW, channel 11 which is out public station here, and right in the nick of time. Just then a short movie was playing on their Image Union program and it was called "Knitting, A Love Song". It was this cute little short set in the UK about a teenage girl having a crush on a boy and deciding to knit him a scarf to win his love, well, apparently she forgot the first rule of knitting, and it did not work. I would love to figure out which yarn store they filmed at, they had a great color selection, and I was right in guessing the girl used Rowan for the scarf. Oh, and I just found out that the writer is currently working on a full length follow up to this short. Cool. Am I the only one who day dreams about being an extra in the new Julia Roberts film about the knitting store?