Monday, July 30, 2007

Post 66, Ravelry

I want to be in Ravelry, all the cool knit bloggers are in it, why can't I be in too?? I feel like I'm in school again wanting to join the cool table at lunch and just not understanding why I'm not allowed, blah! So I signed up for this raverlry knit site the minute I heard about it at the time the person who told me about it was 56 from the top and had signed up 2 months previous, this is where I stand today:
You signed up on July 18, 2007
You are #18190 on the list.
10698 people are ahead of you in line.
3517 people are behind you in line.
33% of the list has been invited so far

Um, this is a knit site too!
So I borrowed a book from a friend because I've got the book reading desire right now (it comes and goes, mostly depending on the availabilty of interesting books that strike my fancy) so this is what I'm currently reading:

It's the dog days of summer knitting-wise and I don't alwaus feel the need or the desire. It doesnt help that of the three projects on the needles, not one interests me with the passion to get it done NOW! You know how that is, forcing yourself to knit. I thought I would be good once I finished the Thelonius socks and not start another pair even though by my own 4 allowed project rules, socks are always acceptable, I haven't yet. (It's a daily battle) This book will keep you going when you have no desire to knit. If your really just want to relax with some good soothing music and maybe a little drink-drink, this will keep the knitting fires in your from going out. I didn't even know someone had written a book on the history of knitting in American, how cool is that, now I don't have to go back to school to write it, because that's what I've always wanted to do. I'm thinking I'm going to need my own copy now for my knitting reference library. I had always thought that circular needles was a developement of the 20th century but there are several references of them before then, and not as circular knitting (i.e. knitting in the round that can be done on double points) but actually notated as circular needles, how cool!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Post 65, Some More Crazy

It's an indisbutable fact that knitters are a little crazy, I admit it and I'm a hard core knitter. I'm enjoying my time off and have been busy discovering how much day time tv sucks and looking around on ebay. I picked up a great first edition hard back copy of Barbara Walkers pattern book (oops that was really from, a lovely emerald green eel skin wallet to replace the one I was using that was my mom's (it's a sentimental thing) and then I saw this:
A complete set of vintage ivory knitting needles. Ask yourself how much you would pay for them. I tried a couple of bids, and if I wasn't off work I would have seriously thought of continuing bidding, they ended up going for $152.50, ouch! But as I see it, it's not like you can buy ivory everywhere, and knitting needles to boot, well, I wish I had the money to buy them. The craziness was up there with the bidding for the Alice Starmore Tudor Rose book, like I said knitters are crazy. Well the Thelonius socks are finished and I'm making so head way in the Habu bag for my grandmother, other than that I've been working on some sweater finishing in which I am a little behind on, my bad, things came up. ta ta for now!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Post 64, Scrap That

Spoke too soon, the yarnstore thing didn't work out. Don't get me wrong working with yarn was fab, with with customers fun, some people I found a little catty, but maybe this is a good thing. I did get some serious knitting done on the train and the second Evil CookieA Design sock is in the home stretch, but what to do? It's hard to get all happy and knit when you are soo blue. I guess it's time to sign up for unemployment, blah.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Post 64, So Here's the Thing

So here's the thing, the company I worked for for the last year, over spent their budget so to speak and made me a victim of budget cuts. So I was jobless for the first two weeks of July until I fell into a part time job. At first I was sad, and then I was mad (am still really mad for them making me go through the whole job search and no insurance hassle). It's been hard for to turn it around and try to see the sunnier side of this, but I think I see the light, albeit health insurance-less. I'm working part time in heaven, no I'm not dead, I'm working in a yarn store! And after talking to lots of friends and getter their opinions, I'm going back to school so to speak and get a certificate in web design. As my friend Rachael said, she's very computer technically and can write code, but she never realized that blue and orange didn't look good together. So it was suggested that I take my BFA degree combine it with a web-design cert and hopefully I can take that somewhere. In the yarn store I'm surrounded by some very creative people and hopefully that will jump start the juices again. So that's it. I hate having to commute by train again, but at least I'm making way on my Thelonius sock. Oh, and can you say DISCOUNT! I think my friends think I'm going to buy out the store or something, but it's like when I work in jewelry, I thought I liked it all, but being around it all day, you look at some of the yarns differently, and what you thought you liked you don't really and what you thought you would never buy, you think you might

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Post 63, Yup

It's official, knitters are a crazy bunch. I did not win that book on eBay, some lucky person got it for the low low price of $120, I may be weird but I'm not that crazy. I looked all of the web and that actually was a good deal, but since I've never seen the book in person, well I thought of all the lovely yarn that could be bought instead. Oh well.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Post 62, This Is Crazy

This knitting thing is crazy. I was listening to the Sticks and String podcast where he was doing book review of Alice Starmore's Tudor Roses, it sounded interesting and appealed to the SCA freak in me, so I thought I would check to see how much a copy was going for, HOLY SHIT! On some sites I was seeing the price as high as 300 dollars, are you effing kidding?

So right now I have a bid on ebay for a brand new copy and the price is really low, but as I have a few hours left, who knows how high it will go. I'm not worried that anyone will bid on it after reading my blog as know one reads my blog I'm sure. Anyhoo, plans are to go downtown tonight for the big fireworks show that Chicago does for the fourth, but a couple of smarter friends and I are going to view the show from the museum campus to the south of the park, it should be less crowded and have nicer grass to sit on, I could care less about the Taste of Chicago and all it's food. I really have been bad about getting any knitting done and there's no excuse, I've made a couple of pieces for the coral reef project, I have so much work to do plus some finishing, bad knitter, BAD KNITTER.