Thursday, December 31, 2009

Post 208-Headache at the Airport

It's New Years Eve and I find myself at the Little Rock Airport with time to kill and a delay in my departure. I'm fighting a headache, is it the delay, maybe, was the hour long ride with my aunt who dropped me off, yes. I just want to be home, to sleep in my own bed, cuddle my own pets and deal with my own worries and not stress about those which are not mine and therefore cannot be fixed. My vacay was overall great. I spent some nice time with my grandmother, who keeps puttering on even at the age of 85.5, but I especially bonded with my cousin over the general annoyance and worry about her mother, my aunt. I do not mean to quote the bible because I am NOT religious, but this really is true (except the god part), but, god helps those who help themselves. That's all I have to say on the matter.
I have a new laptop, I totally scored at Bestbuy and got my pretty little mean green machine for just under 500, and low and behold it went on sale while I was in Arkansas so I got the price adjusted and have 50 more bucks in my pocket. I'm happily typing away at the airport using there free wifi, wish they had had it at O'hare when I was delayed there.
I have no plans for tonight, if I'm lucky I will have someone pick me up, if not I take the train home. I wish I had time to go to the liquor store to get some cheap Andre champagne that my grandmother turned me onto, but I have Guinness in the fridge and that will just have to do. Pizza sounds good tonight, so does getting into my pj's and spending so time with my poor doggie Mia who I think went a little crazy missing me. It doesn't feel like New Years' Eve to me. I don't believe in making crazy resolutions that most fail to follow. I don't believe in extensive review of the past years events, you can't changed what happen. I'm always thinking about where I am in my life and the road I'm on. I promised my doctor that now I'm back on the meds I will try to go back to the low calorie diet that worked so well, but I won't be a Nazi about it. I will try to take some exercise classes if I can find a willing partner in crime, and I must get back into dating.
Oh shit, I amost forgot to talk about my knitting. I got off to a great start with my vacation knitting project, the Willoughby stole using Great Northern Yarns' Mink yarn, uber-soft! I also started another sock using some indie-dyed cashmere yarn that I picked up at Renegade craft fair this fall (because you always need a sock on the needles to carry around with you), and I started the Milkweed using this absolutely devine Handmaiden Casbah sock yarn the I picked up in Victoria during the Alaska cruise, it is the most beautuful color, it just glows.
While me cousin was here we went through my grandmothers craft supplies and cousin Patricia decided she wanted to learn needlepoint/cross-stitch. We picked a rather beautiful flower pattern that wasn't the easiest for a beginner and had about 30 different colors but she got addicted fast is on her way. I miss needlepoint and find it a different kind of relaxing then what you get from knitting and want to do some myself. I've been lusting after a Erhman Tapestry kit for a few years now and have decided to bite the bullet and just buy one and forgo the facial I was going to get while on vacation, besides, it will last longer.
See what happens when I have an espresso in one hand, free wifi and a flight delay in the other, I ramble on and on.
Happy New Year

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Post 207-Soon My Prettys

I have a new baby, it's green, 14" and it's name is Dell (for right now). This is the first time in a VERY long time that I have had a computer on more than 20 minutes without having to plug it in or have the battery die, YEA! It's going to take me some time to transfer all my photos over (should have stored them all on Flickr)and other important docs but at least I can blog! Stay Tuned.