Thursday, July 08, 2010

Post 213-The Big 2K

I recently realized that I never posted about my new scoot. Well, last September my car decided that it's lived it's life and unless I wanted to spend another grand to fix it, it was time to part ways. At first the decision was hard, that was the car I bought new and went off to college in, but honestly, it was a piece of crap. For the past several years it was a headache, I never drove but to do errands, the a/c didn't work and well, it didn't make sense to pay for expense repairs on a vehicle that I didn't drive. Could I have taken the CTA everywhere, sure, but with the rising costs, cutting services and inconsistency of travel, I won't.
Looking back, I've wanted a scooter for years, seriously. I recall as a kid living in Arizona thinking that when I'm grown up and in college I want a scooter, I have no idea where that came from. Being a bargain shopper I did my research, inspections, logistics and cost. I found a used Buddy Genuine 50cc for sale. Only two years old and with 2000 miles, I made a low offer and was excepted. Bad Betty as I named her has been driven year round, in the rain and the heat and in winter (unless there was snow on the ground). I have accepted and learned how to drive a scooter in the city and I love it. Knock on wood, I've not had any problems. The cost of insurance and gas (80 mpg!!! woot!) is less than half of a monthly CTA pass. I've invested a little into it, oil, battery, a basket and rack, a plethera of winter gear to keep me toasty, new helmet and several hand made seat covers.
What I don't have is the constant worry that something will go wrong, that it won't start, that a repair will cost a grand. If I should need something the dealership is 5 miles up the road from me and are super nice. Everyday I see more scooters, there must be at least 10 in my one neighborhood block alone. I'm lucky I can park at the bike lock at work and while the meter maids keep writing tickets for that, I keep winning because I'm on private property. I've been wanting to go to a scooter meet-up but I can't seem to find an active one in the city. I have learned, however, that there is kind of acknowledgement between scooterists and you're supposed to double honk your horn as a sign of hello, cool. I've had no problems doing my shopping, parking near anywhere (no permit needed!) and meeting friends for different activities, heck I even got Chris to buy one (and boy did I find her a deal!) so now I have a two person crafty scooter gang.
So there reason for this post is to say, I just put on my 2000th mile!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Post 212-The Switch

Normally I chug along in life just doing my thing. I usually feel like I'm in a bubble, where nothing changes much and I don't feel any older or different. Other than having two pets and a roommate, I don't have a husband or children to watch change or mark the passing of time. Everyone once in awhile the bubble bursts and I find myself questioning everything and basically over analyze the things in my life that are out of balance, what I am doubting. Depression can set in, and a little has, but so has anger and hatred, which are both sort of new to me. All I have to do is flip the switch in my head but this time it's not so easy. I'm struggling. My usually thing to do is slow down, concentrate, analyze, problem solve and relax, then I feel a change and the switch is done. I find a way to make the bad, good, the unhappy, fortunate. Sometimes it's harder than others when things come to you from all sides, and that is where I find myself. I look to friends for guidance when I'm in this predicament, but since I'm currently questioning said friends, I find myself without all my tools I need for battle.
I think I'm tired. I just bought tickets to visit my grandmother for a whole week during Labor Day, but damn, that's two months off. I do have a 3.5 day weekend because of the holiday, I will try to make the most of it and see how I feel at the end of it.
Goals for the weekend: clean house, redo my bedroom, leave the state for the day and buy artisan cheese, bike ride near water, knit, take a nap outdoors, drink a cocktail, smile a true smile and not a convenient one.