Thursday, April 21, 2011

Post 214-It's Overrated

I don't know a single knitter/artist/craftsperson who doesn't dream of winning the lottery so you you don't have to work and can spend all day doing what you really want to do. I myself have a lottery ticket in my person that I still need to check the numbers for.
Let me tell you, having your days free is overrated. There's no one around to hang-out with, day-time T.V. sucks, it seems trash is being picked up everyday and the noise wakes you up before you have a chance to sleep in and you don't get as much done as you think you would. I speak from experience.
I can talk about this now only because I find myself so incredibly lucky that it literally defies the odds. I was laid-off on April 8, paid through April 15 (so I would be on call and could answer questions from the person who absorbed my job), got 2 weeks severance, had a couple of temp assignments and am starting a new job April 25. So technically I will be working and still collecting my severance at the same time, sweet. Having worked in the career management industry I was sympathetic to those who were unemployed and looking for new work. I've meet them all, from entry-level to CEO's. Very rarely, though it did happen, did anyone ever say being laid off was the best thing to happen to them. The day I got my job offer was the day I was supposed to apply for unemployment. The relief from not having to do that is enormous and raman noodles are no longer on my grocery list.
The job, well it's cool, working with stuff I love and oddly enough it uses all the skill and education I've accumulated. Like I said, it hasn't started yet and for all I know I could be working as a slave for a tyrant, but not likely. The pay is liveable, the wardrobe seems to be mostly black and artsy (just like art school all over again) and within scooter/biking/bus distance.
I am tickled pink, uber excited, and so lucky that I got this lucky, plus it helps to have connections and fab references.