Monday, November 23, 2009

Post 206-Sooner Than

Pretty soon my dearies I will be back to blogging, really I will. Currently my issue with blogging is that it's not something I dare do at work even though it is very slow now due to the holidays. The real problem is at home and basically my trusty ole' faithful laptop, is dying a slow death. I believe in getting my money's worth out of things or at least as much as possible which is why I am only now on my second bedroom tv since high school. Technically this was the first computer I bought myself and I've had it for over 5? years now and before that was a couple of years of internet cafes and before that, my old desktop from back when I was the only person I knew with a computer. In the back of my mind I'm have this feeling that my old green backup monitor might still be on the top shelf of the room I had in my aunt and uncles house, need to ask about that. So, I'm hoping to score a new computer soon and after much research I have decided that as cute as a netbook is it's not really what I need. So lets hope I survive Black Friday.
PS-Knitting continues non-stop as does cooking and scooter riding.