Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thank You Facebook

It's the weather, what can I say. I think Chicago must be the new Seattle. I find my myself at the end of July and in years past I would have the A/C cranking, but nope, I turned it off. Except for the odd day, I haven't had the air on in my apartment for 3 weeks, wow! Right now I'm laying in bed, just got out of the shower, listening to some classical music, contemplating why my bedroom is always a mess and I'm suffering from a headache. I had a most excellent dinner, popped two tylenol a couple of hours ago and it's still pounding, next I'll try a nightcap.

I've never had a period like this where I've not blogged for months on end, I'll blame Facebook. Finally I've caught up to the hype and I find I like making quick little notes about what I'm doing, life in general and little observations. Perhaps since I'm finding my voice there I've not blogged?

It's been a busy summer. Work is going well. The weather is pleasant. The dog and cat are a hoot. I've been knitting up a storm, sort-of. So far since April I've been to Arkansas twice, Galena and in just over a month I'm going to Houston. 5 lbs of blueberries have been hand picked, I've gone down an Alpine Slide 6 times, been biking a little bit more, gone to several festivals and discovered a new bar, The Matchbox and new bar/lounge/restaurant, The Paramount Room. Every weekend I've been busy and one of these days I would rather sleep in really REALLY late like I used to and not be social. Tomorrow I might bike to work for the first time (if I get to bed early) and if she's not busy, when I get out of work at 3 I'll stop of and see my cousin for a round or two of cards at a coffeeshop.

Don't feel blog, not only have I abandoned you for a while, I'm really behind in post new projects and yarn to Ravelry.

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