Monday, June 26, 2006

Yarn, Friends, Sheep

I had the best time this weekend. Rachael and I enjoyed the chauffeuring style of Linda as she drove us out to Marengo on Saturday. We met up with Rachael's aunt in a great little ma and pa restaurant, had great hamburgers and with full tummy's, went of the The Fold. I'd been hankering for a visit for awhile, especially since I pulled out the wheel and dusted it off. I was a good girl and didn't buy any yarn. I was a bad girl and bought lots of fiber and stuff to make it though! Picked up some oil, apparently the Teflon oil I was told to use years ago is not so good and can slow it down, bad. I've been wanting a yardage counter and found one there that was at least 6 bucks cheaper than everywhere else, and while I know that I could make it, just this once I didn't want to, I'm making the yarn myself, what else do you want?

Better spinning starts with a good book, so I got one of those too, and then the fiber! 1 lb of superwash merino enough to make a sweater for Bella in a lovely silvery whitish color, 2 lbs of Corriedale in a lovely chocolate color for me, 2 lbs of Blue Face Leicester to be dyed later on, Toni the owner of the Fold through in some left over fluff, and then I was bad and picked of 1 oz. of cashmere. Let's say it again, CASHMERE in the prettiest cool toned camelish color, ahhh.

The drive was fast, we rocked and talked with Linda's new iPod playing, ended up at her house for tea, cheese, crackers and picked some fresh raspberries. It was fun, it was bonding, it's what a weekend should be, yarn and friends.

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