Thursday, August 03, 2006

Effing Hot

I feel like I'm melting! I am so glad I have air-conditioning, it just sucks that I don't in my car. My secret scooter fund is back up, I'm about a quarter the way there. On to the good stuff now. I've been busy while enjoying the AC, I started work on my first toe-up sock last week and have discovered a couple of things. Toe up is great, (though is still is tricky taking trying on wiht four needles hanging out) of the two toe-methods I'm tried I like the easy toe over the short row toe, I couldn't choose what stitch pattern to use, but I found one I liked in the Mon Tricot Stitch Dictionay book, the Pebble Stitch (I did modify it abit).

I also solved my needle storage issue. The straight needles look great sticking out of my round Waterford vase from the Marshall Field X-mas tree, visual had a sale and I got it for 10 bucks I think, perks from the old job were great. My problem was my double points. A couple of years ago I got this nifty box from the container store, painted it all pretty and have been using that for awhile, but I've out grown it. I came across a brush storage tubes at the local art store, and its perfect, now I don't lose my needles.

Back to my old sock needle problem. The current socks are made with Shepards Sock on size US1, I have a couple of skeins of STR that I've been playing with,with US 1's and 2's, which are just not right for it. The other day while cooling off at JoAnne's I found my self in the knitting section surrounded my nasty acrylic, when I saw the light! DPN's in a US1.5, 2.5mm for you Euro's, how cool is that! I would never buy metal's but now that I know they really are out there, I looked around and found this great company Colonial needles and ordered a set online monday, and got them today! How fab, my first rosewood needles.

Now that I'm back in sock mode I signed up for Sock Wars, should be fun, I need to start looking around for the perfect sock yarn, maybe some of the cashmere I recycled from a sweater, that would be a great surprise for some lucky person.

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