Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yarn Harlot and More..

So the Yarn Harlot was in town on Monday, and boy did I have a headache, but got lots done all the same! My friend Mary from my old job came into the city to hang out, we did Armitage Avenue (which means shopping), finally ordered my bag from 1154 Lill Studio, which I've wanted forever and I'm happy to say I used my babysitting money for. Picked up some cool silver earrings for 36 dollars that were originally 135, got some moisturizer from Kiehl's, chocolate from Vosges and lunch at Minnies. It was really hot out, I was wearing a black shirt and had that nasty headache until late in the evening. I picked up Rachael and went to the Yarn Harlot signing in Beverly, which is just south of the city. Due to the enormous highway construction project I opted to drive down Western Ave, all the way there, with no air conditioning, which did not help my headache. So the event was nice, the signing nice, though the yarn store was a bit small and limited for my taste, I would not drive out of my way to go there.

The butterfly sweater is offically done, button sewn on and all, all I need now is to photograph it. I used to have a passion of Noro silk garden, but after knitting this sweater, I would have to say, it's a little itchy, something I never noticed before, uh. So I've got a couple of projects going now. Last year I went against my better judgement and bought a bunch of Lions Brand Glitterspun, but I love it!! Everyone makes fun of me, it's a black yarn with little bits of black sparkle in it, it looks sophisticated and basically I could not find that look in any other yarn at the time, plus it was on sale for the big Joanne's move. It took me forever to find a project but I've settled for this design from Knitty whose name escapes me, but it's a very simple 1x1 rib with scoop neck and buckle detail, easily dress up or down. Still working on a doilie for my nightstand but had two problems witht he one I'm almost finished with. 1. the color is too dark and 2. there are errors in the pattern. I'm still going to finish it since I put alot into it, thank goodness it's almost at the end and there's a good pic of it to work from and get past the typos. I started another one in a lighter blue that's more suited to the room decor, and a different pattern.

Been missing sock knitting for awhile so I thought I would start up again. I frogged what I had done with the STR yarn and put it away, I haven't found the right needles for it and I picked up a skein of Lornas Laces Shepard Sock that I got at her tour/sale. It's a little finer than STR and a size 1 needle is perfect for it, I'm using it n my first pair of toe-ups and I'm working from the Sensational Socks Book. I choose a 12 stitch lace repeat for the top of the foot and decided to try the princess style sole, which means instead of knitting, I purl the outside, it's supposed to be more comfortable.

Also I was perusing the Craigslist site and typed in knitting, guess what I found! Some very generous woman in the East Village area had a big ole box of crochet thread to get rid of, for free! So I ran over there and got it. Since my crochet skills are been greased I figure why not, I could aways use it to show my friends how to crochet, on second thought, they should use their own yarn and big needles, don't want to waste my precious...Which is going to require a dedicated drawer in my organizer...

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