Monday, June 25, 2007


I haven't blogged in awhile, well that's putting it mild I guess. I haven't had much to talk about and landlord has been away on business alot so that means no free wifi. I'm stuck in a knitting rut, been working on the other half of a pair of CookieA sock and have onesockitis, which mean I've been in no hurry to finish the second. The Habu purse kit I've been working on for the grandmother's birthday is slow and tedious, the yarn does not like to be rushed and knitted fast, ugh. I haven't picked up the fair isle cardigan, my goal was to finish that before the UK trip, but since the airfare prices are so damn high, I'm not sure when that trip will happen. On the other hand I have been doing some finishing here and there, have a couple of pieces I need to get done this week for a local knitwear author, and am doing some pieces for the Coral Reef project, but that's crochet and doesn't count, right? Last month I did make a visit to the Fold and have found that spinning is easier with different kinds of roving, so thanks to a little Rambouillet I'm off again. That's it for now.

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