Thursday, June 28, 2007

Post 61, Another Day

Here I am again! Life's been very interesting lately and I find myself with some free time on my hands, alot of free time. I just finished up a piece for the coral reef project and can't wait to go the luncheon at the Jane Adams Hull House here in Chicago, more pictures of the creature I made later, I can't find my camera cord. Anyhoo, I finished spinning my first decent and somewhat consitent looking yarn, right now it's drying in the bathroom after a little soaking. The total yardage right now remains a mystery, but when it's dry I'll take a look at it and hopefully have enough for socks? My own hand spun knitted socks, cool. The garden is doing well, I have enough dill and parsely for the whole neighborhood and as of today, harvested 4 cherry tomatoes! Real edible veggies from my own city garden, I'm very excited. Tonight I crack open a box and need to get started on some belated finishing, right now it's a secret on who it's for, but it's the next step in my knitting evolution I think. Now that I have so much time (due to a fiscally mismanaged former company) I can try to finish my grandmothers belated birthday gift, and I don't know, maybe work on my Knitting Masters program that I paid for many MANY years ago and never got to, bad knitter! So I'm off to do a few errands, I want to pick up a new knitting book I'm fascinated with and some cooking supplies, how come I don't have a proper lemon juicer? I made my first and not too bad cherry pie, which my neighbors helped me gobble up. Not bad I must say, I think tomorrow I will make a blueberry pie and maybe some blueberry cordial too, liquor is always good. Oh the mint I have! What mojito's I could make! Obviously I am hungry now. Toodles!

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