Monday, November 03, 2008

Post 174-A is for Anticipation

I was downtown tonight picking up my paycheck and I noticed/felt the electricity in the air. It may have only been every one's reaction to it getting darker sooner thanks to daylight savings time, but I think it's about what will happen tomorrow, ELECTION DAY!! I can't believe it's finally here, it seems like ages ago I was at Punkrockknitter's election party and listening to the dreaded news on the TV. I feel good about tomorrow, of course it helps that I'm in Chicago and we'll do our part tomorrow in changing the future. I was listening to Sticks and Strings #80 podcast and David Reidy pointed something out that I think a lot of Americans don't realize. The election results not only affect us here in the states but will be seen and felt around the world. The domino effect is bigger now the closer the world gets and our election is no longer just a small family matter amidst us Americans. What the next president decides about the war in Iraq will be felt by the Australian bloke fighting over there. I was hoping to move our SnB meeting tomorrow to Rachaels house to watch the TV, but as her place is currently in deshambles, I'm hoping the TV in the bakery we always meets at actually gets reception and is not just there to showcase a slide show of creepy cakes. (you don't want to see the picture of the cake with a woman giving birth made out of marzipan, ick. (while I'm sure it's tasty, it's pure tasteless in my book))
So here's to freedom, tolerance, open-mindedness, a dose of reality and a good outcome.

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