Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Post 175-Just a Normal Day, NOT!

I would love to say that today was like any other day, but it isn't, it's historical. I just made a lovely dinner of whole grain spaghetti pasta covered in homemade marinara and herb chicken, it was soooo good, oh, and I was watching the election too. I initially wanted to go downtown when I heard about the rally, but I didn't get a ticket and I'm not in the mood to be up all night, I'll watch via TV instead. It doesn't matter in the end, only this does:

With free Starbucks coffee in one hand and flexing my index finger on the other, I touch screen voted. Is it dorky of me to want to keep that cheesy little voting receipt for sentimental sake? I'm so happy I might just cry.

Halloween pictures from this weekend to follow soon.

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