Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Post 197-My Adventures with Boots

I know I've been slow in updating my blog lately, I have no excuse as I am slightly home-bound by my little accident. I wish I had a good story to tell, I'd almost be proud and less embarrass to say what happened was a result of excess drinking, but it's not, it was just an accident.
What happened was, on Friday the 13th, (I know, I want to giggle too) Rachael had an appointment to look at a new apartment, I was asked to go along to play devils advocate and general safety monitor. (never go to a strange person's house alone looking at apartments) It was a cute place but no big deal, we decided to meet out new Canadian SnB friend Christine in Lincoln Square for dinner. Rachael has this big mini-van from days gone by and you have to hoist yourself a little just to get in. I made the mistake that day of getting a touch of spring fever and pushed my usually Dansko clogs aside for a cute pair of red patent flats that scream SPRING! Big mistake. Those little red flats have no grip on the bottom and when I was trying to get into the van, I slipped and landed badly on my right foot, half in the street and half on the sidewalk. Imagine the pain you experience when you bang you funny bone and multiply it by A LOT! The wind was knocked out of me and I was stunned, but being a good trouper I insisted we head off to the restaurant. The conversation was good, the benefits of a tax-free pass used by consulate employees deemed equal to Wonka's Golden Ticket, and I spent the evening with a bag of ice on my foot supplied by the waitress.

And this is looking good, with considerable swelling and visible bruising gone done.

The details of my incident are as follows, I tore two ligaments in my foot/ankle area and was in a soft cast for the first week, in an ace bandage now and have to wear a big plastic cast-like boot for two more weeks. The massive swelling has gone done considerably, my foot has become one giant purple bruise, but on the upside it was a good thing I had a pedicure that day and wearing a clog on the other foot balances out my awkward gait and is barely noticeable!
This was my third booting experience this year, the first was given to me by the lovely city of Chicago which changed the laws recently. If you have more than two parking tickets they will attach a big yellow metal Denver Boot to your car, aren't I lucky!
My second boot experience was finally finding a pair of rainboots to fit! I got lucky with a pair of Tretorn boots on super sale at Shoebuy.com. They are the perfect size, don't come up to high and just barely fit around my chunky legs.

I made the misfortune of buying the wrong size so I have to exchange them for the right one, but I'm sooooo happy to have my first pair of rainboots, I hope we get struck with a deluge just so I can wear them. Best part is they are a real sturdy European brand that should last for years!

Last Friday I went to a small dinner party and for the first time felt like a grown-up, weird. There was really good food, drink, good conversation with people I didn't know, I felt included and part of a group, I am an adult. Crap, when did that happen?

I did end up frogging the Hourglass Sweater and am speeding away on the February Lady Sweater, so far so good, though I haven't tried it on yet. I hope to get the buttons soon. I bought three of each of these from a seller in the Czech Republic. The AB ones are new and the yellow flower ones vintage 80's. I like the look of both styles so I guess the winner be decided when I see them in person and which one will fit the button holes I made!

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Jasmin said...

Dude! I love your rainboots!