Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Post 196-Fuel the Fire and Go With the Flow

So lately I've found myself watching things for other people. First it was house and pet sitting and now it's LYS sitting. For the past two weeks I've been babysitting unruly yarn and teaching new knitters while the owner has been on maternity leave and I have to say, I love being surrounded by yarn. Sometimes I find my juices waxing and waning too much but right now they are on a steady stream, I'm trekking along on a good and sturdy sock made from Austermann Step and I made the relatively easy decision to frog my 1/3 finished Hourglass Sweater and become a follower and make my own February Lady sweater with the Cash Iroha. I think I've gravitated back to socks not just because they are portable but because I was unsatisfied with the way the Hourglass Sweater was coming along. Technically everything was fine, the gauge was right, the fabric being made felt really good, I just don't think right now is a good time for me to make pullovers when cardigans are better suited to fluctuating body shapes.

Speaking of shapes, I BOUGHT NEW JEANS! Yup, I bought two pairs of new jeans (in smaller sizes because all my other ones kept falling down and I was embarrassed to keep tugging on them) one from a store for um, curvier girls, and one pair from Old Navy. Holy Shit, I also bought two t-shirts and a trench coat from ON, at they weren't even the largest sizes. I'm very proud of myself but I still have a long ways to go, my only worries is that the med study I'm on ends this month and I don't want to stop doing well. Part of it is what I eat and when I eat it and lately I have been bad about getting three square meals a day (I get lazy sometimes) and the other part are good old fashioned drugs. When I was talking to the study co-ordinator I asked her if I could make an appointment to see the head doctor after the study so I could get a prescription for the medication I'm positive I'm on and she said the doctor only takes new patients on referrals. Um, excuse me, I just donate my body for the last 6 months to science to help you on a research project and that doesn't count? Can you write me your own referral?? WTF??

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A :-) said...

Hey - didn't get to tell you, but you're looking fantastic!! :-)