Monday, June 28, 2010

Post 211-I Want

I'm feeling a little greedy, a little blue and a little lost.

I want:
1. to be grateful that I have a job
2. be part of something bigger
3. to conribute to something and make a difference
4. to make more money
5. to be able to knit faster
6. to buy a clothes drying line and not use the dryer
7. go on a roadtrip, have fun and discover something
8. to fall in love
9. to clean my room and destash
10. to find a mentor
11. sew a skirt that fits
12. to start jogging
13. to learn to accept what cannot be change and learn to change what I cannot accept.
14. to travel to someplace new
15. to be seen as someone who can contribute so much that they are valued
16. a break.


A :-) said...

Great list!! I would encourage you to put it in the present tense :-) because "want" keeps everything in the future . . . just out of one's reach.

So you've figured out what you want (the first step) and kudos to you for going for the positive!! Yay!!! Now, it's just a process of re-languaging slightly to pull it in the here and now :-)

Know that you already have all these things and that they are in the process of manifesting in your life :-)

vanessa said...


Mia said...

That is one great list! I actually have had quite similar ideas on my mind for a while, and am making big changes at my life as we speak. I am sending you warm (quite literally, it´s boiling hot here today) greetings from Finland and courage to start making those "wants" true :)

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