Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Post 62, This Is Crazy

This knitting thing is crazy. I was listening to the Sticks and String podcast where he was doing book review of Alice Starmore's Tudor Roses, it sounded interesting and appealed to the SCA freak in me, so I thought I would check to see how much a copy was going for, HOLY SHIT! On some sites I was seeing the price as high as 300 dollars, are you effing kidding?

So right now I have a bid on ebay for a brand new copy and the price is really low, but as I have a few hours left, who knows how high it will go. I'm not worried that anyone will bid on it after reading my blog as know one reads my blog I'm sure. Anyhoo, plans are to go downtown tonight for the big fireworks show that Chicago does for the fourth, but a couple of smarter friends and I are going to view the show from the museum campus to the south of the park, it should be less crowded and have nicer grass to sit on, I could care less about the Taste of Chicago and all it's food. I really have been bad about getting any knitting done and there's no excuse, I've made a couple of pieces for the coral reef project, I have so much work to do plus some finishing, bad knitter, BAD KNITTER.


A :-) said...

You wacky girl - of course people read your blog :-D On the book - do what I did for Starmore's "Aran Knitting." Get it from the LIBRARY!! That way you can see if you really want your own copy.

A :-)

Lisa said...

Perhaps the book is available in your local public library?
That's a big pocketbook dent otherwise ore... but all in the cause of knitting!