Friday, March 07, 2008

Post 138-I'll Miss Ya

Good-by Little Jo and Hoss, Mr. Tibbs and Chief Galespie, I'll miss ya Martha. Yarnsnob will be gone for awhile, she got a 1 1/2 month temp job downtown. It'll be tedious, lots of data entry for a law firm with a big case, but she won't be alone, she'll be part of an an army of 15 but it's all cool, it's a jeans wearing iPod listening place.

John and I went to the Knitting Workshop. He got lots of Noro Silk Garden, a couple balls for me to make him a hat and the rest for him to learn to knit on, finally, oh and some bamboo needles too! I am not allowed in that store again, ever....I will not buy anymore yarn, no no no! (in my defense, I still didn't spend as much in 3 visits that Chicken Linda did in 1, she's my hero)

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