Thursday, April 17, 2008

Post 145-New Perspective

Kudos to cousin Jason, he's made it to the top 8 now on Survivor. Overall I say he's been playing nice but also kinda stupid. I can't believe he thought the fake idol that Ozzie crudely carved to replace the real one was, well real, and second, why in the world was he stupid enough to believe any of the other contestants wouldn't vote for him if he gave up immunity for a platter of food to share. Somehow it turned out right in the end and completely changed the game, pretending to vote him off gave the girls a chance to turn around and get Ozzie and the unplayed immunity idol off, what a coup.

The boys and grandma.

Really though, this whole thing has taught me something, I would never want to be famous, even being related to semi-famous people sucks. It's really hard hearing and reading people bash your relatives for no reason other than their own amusement and to entertain others. This whole experience for me has turned me off of celebrity gossip shows, wanting to know about the private lives of others, news programs and tv in general. What's being produced, written and shown is bias and skewed by someone's perspective, we always knew that but I really don't like it anymore. Add in this constant crap about the election and I trust now one to tell me the truth or be fair without some hidden agenda.
If you don't like cousin Adam's band The Academy Is, don't listen, but to get vicious and personal eh? If you don't like the way Jason has played the game on TV, vote and support someone else but don't make a YouTube video about him calling him a douche bag, where do these people get off?

I've said what I needed to so now down to some cool stuff. Three weeks until Seasocks, I guess I better start on the felted slippers for the contest. My mind is racing with designs, I'm thinking felted intarsia design with embroidery and bead ambitious? Oh, my temp contract with the law firm was extended to the end of May, I told them I was cool with that but I would be gone for 7 days on a trip, I hope that's ok.

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