Monday, December 01, 2008

Post 177-Silent City

Damn you Mother Nature, I want my autumn back. I never got to take those long dog walks with the falling leaves around me and a hand knitted scarf gently tied around my neck, I miss it. Winter came last night and laid a blanket of quite snow on us.

Thanksgiving became a nice a mostly peaceful weekend for me. I spent the holiday the way I wanted and not the way some of my family wanted me to, against my will and with them (it's along story). I made pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce and a bread boule and then my neighbors John and John brought over a turkey, potatoes and green beans. The house was clean, linens ironed, candles lite and very nice. I did very well with my diet and didn't freak out with holiday food that much. The rest of the weekend was spent laying on the couch watching only movies and no TV while knitting away. I started and finished the Foliage hat for my cousin Patricia and was able to do that with stash diving yarn, Manos to boot!
Currently the Tangled Yoke has been delegated to bus commuting knitting and I'm working on a trio of Christmas Stockings for a customer of a LYS.

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