Monday, December 08, 2008

Post 179-Obsession

When I discover shiny new play things I tend to get obsessed with them. Last year when researching a job and trying to find the e-mail address of the HR person at this particular institution I came across, but didn't know anything about it and never thought about it again, until last week. During the seminars I was lucky enough to go to at work, the professional resume spiffer mentioned the website again and I thought I would take a look, and now I'm hooked. Seriously ya'll, I think I check my account as often as Ravelry right now. The website is like the bastard child of "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" and Myspace. I love the idea that I can see who knows the people I know and what they do, plus it might be nice to get the inside on jobs right? One of the girls at work got an e-mail from a friend telling her about a job posting she heard about at a particular company. Now I've heard of this company, they're located two miles from my house and I used to work with their customer service people when I worked at the coffee place. It also turns out that the one legit person interested in my tag watch I've been trying to unload on craigslist works there, but better yet I know someone who knows someone at the company. Will this help me in the job search, maybe, but it was also s nice surprise to find a college friend is working at Harpo too, kewl.
The other obsession, Buddha's Hand. I had to go to the store of Evil Wholesomeness, aka Whole Foods to pick up some oatmeal and coffee. I love myself some quick cooking oats from the bulk bin and I just had to have real coffee this weekend. So I was in the produce department looking for lemons when I found this freakish thing that belonged on the shelf on a prop department more so than the grocery store. Buddha's Hand is this crazy citrus fruit thing that is a very pretty yellow color with lots of long finger like appendages.

It's use is really unclear but the scent, mesmerizing. I in general detest lemon scented anything unless it's made with real lemon or expensive hand creme, Lemon Joy literally makes me want to vomit and don't talk to me about Lemon Coke. The perfume from this fruit was floral and citrus, soft and exotic, I'm in love. Unfortunately love is expensive at 7.99 a pound and the smallest weighed in at 1.5 pounds. My god I want this fruit, its supposed to last several weeks, but-I-just-can't-do-it. I looked online but no one makes a perfume with this smell, I would buy a gallon if it existed.
So the stockings are coming along, sort of. There's no deadline but I do know the customer has started decorating her home in Christmas Cheer, so I need to speed it up, too bad I'm almost finished knitting the background of sock #2 only to realize that she want's 2 green and only 1 red, fuck!

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