Friday, December 05, 2008

Post 178-Highs, Lows and a Little Cold

The lows showed their ugly heads again and I while I was depressed for a moment I'm good now. The temp job I was working at is ending a little earlier than planned, but not really unexpected, the company is moving and I will be moving on. I made a big personal decision that I didn't want to but I can now rest a little more and not stress out to the point and sleeplessness. Wow, that's deep and cryptic eh?
So the highs...the company I was temping was generous enough to hire a employment professional to help them dust off, spiff and and go over resumes, interviews and all the fun in between. Lucky me to be included in these workshops, I learned a lot, will have a great resume and learned about I love this website, it's like Ravelry meets Facebook but for working professionals and it's interesting to see who knows who you know. The best thing of all is that it is turning out to be another resource for job postings. So if you happen to know me and I sent you an invite, please recommend me or at least join, the more the merrier.
Now the cold. It is really cold, so cold in fact that I pull out my wool knit, fleece lined earflap hat with matching gloves from Target, also known as, the fucking cold hat set. Add the Sporto snow boots that I used to hate and now am happy to have, wrap me up in a rich red cashmere scarf and call me warm. After work I joined Rachael and Linda at the magnificent ice rink that we have in Millenium Park right downtown in Chicago. I didn't go skating (those without insurance should stay off the ice), Linda can't, but Racheal got a couple of rounds in. When they came out to clean the ice we set off for a pub and were joined by Shannon for some vittles and hot cider with a splash of whiskey. It was a long day and we ended up at the German Kristkindle Market to do some window shopping and drink Gluwein (hot spiced red wine). See, long day and I'm pooped.
I have a lot to do this weekend, got to work on those Christmas stockings, help John the neighbor bring out his massive collection of vintage holiday decorations from the fourth floor attic (he's paying me), assist Rachael in selling the textbooks from her previous life to fund her new life (also paying me) and then end the day with a movie maybe?
Oh and to top it off, the new Mason Dixon book is finally in at the LYS for me to pick up with my store credit and start making loads of more x-mas gifts!

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