Monday, September 04, 2006


No I have not forgotten you, well I have been enjoying my PAID three day weekend, but before that my buddy FIMS, aka Free Internet Mystery Source, was all wonky for awhile there, I minor inconvenience given the nature of the service. When Fims went down I was actually in the middle of a posting, but that got deleted, so don't expect too much this time, but alot of two-week recaps. I had a great weekend, came across some sock yarn where I least expected that holds promise in my search for the perfect sock yarn for vertically challenged legs, aka fat leg syndrome, I have a hard time keeping my socks up! The two balls have been stuffed in my now overflowing yarn stash holder, I beleive the brand is Regia, called stretch. I signed up for Secret Pal 9, so this should fun, it starts in a couple of weeks, I did it last year and had to be saved by an angel when my SP crapped out on me.%$^@*. Decided to take a nice slow day today and made pizza, well not just pizza, homemade pizza, I don't mean frozen and I don't mean from a box. I made homemade dough, with YEAST, my nieghbor and a friend gave me home grown tomatoes and with the parsley and basil from my garden I made pizza sauce that was so effing good. I mean really fucking good. I am so proud of myself, I used the dough hook on my stand mixer, and processed the tomotoes, strand them and reduced them......yum. I placed an order with KnitPicks getting ready for Linda's dye party saturday. Picked up some superwash sock yarn and lacewwight for dying, a lace book, baby booty book and dye. While Linda is all generous and all and already procured the dye, I bought abunch of yarn at Stitches that the color no longer appeals to me. The green is a little weird, the hue is off and looks like crap, so I got a little bottle of emerald green procion dye, mix that with a touch of black and we'll see. Pictures will be posted tp show the results of the experiment. The best thing of all is that my labels came in! A few weeks ago I ordered real labels from NameMaker. I've always wanted labels for the stuff I make, but alwasy hated that printed kind you see in cheesy craft stores. So I splurged alittle and found a place that will actually weave your name in the label, I picked a cream cotton background with black font. The top line say Handmade By and the bottom in a larger cursive font my name. So nice, professional. Oh, I finally got my camel, oooooooh camel, imagine that in a lower pitch than ooooooooh cashmere. A future project is a camel lace skull cap, pattern found at a qiviut booth at stitches, but I wasn't willing to pay 70 bucks for the yarn, a little rich for my blood. Pictures and whatever I forgot to be posted later.

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