Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Post 29

Quick note before FIMS goes down AGAIN! In the Sock War sagas, I have killed my first victim! The socks were sent off, victim contacted and she is promptly sending me the socks she was working on. I just thought of something, any participant in Sock Wars that is not eliminated in the first wave should watch out for some crazy scoks. I don't know about the skill of my victim, apparently she had just turned her first heel when she got my assassination e-mail, what if she's a crappy or newby knitter? Her victim, soon to me mine will get mismatched skilled socks, ugh! I figured out that my assasin? has a blog (that is just like her e-mail name and she usses blogger), to scoop out her potential as a knitting assasin, I think she's a newbie=slow, and she talked about how much she works=slow. So as long as her killer is slow, and she is slow, and the mail delivering my next vicims sock are fast....agh! my head hurts, I feel like I need a PhD in time-theory or something to figure it all out.


Laura said...

Yeah, I got wrapped up in trying to figure out how it would all go down! But I look at it this way, I'll get a pair of handknit socks!! Plus I decided to knit my target's socks two at a time on two circs so I could learn a new method. Definitely worth it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Yarn Snob, have you heard from your assassin? There seems to be a gap in the chain, and I'm trying to figure out who my next target should be.