Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Post 28

I'm feeling much better now. For the last couple of weeks I had the major isolation blues, I tend to get them this time of year and usually enjoy it, it just takes some time to get used to the upcoming weather. It helps that I'm assimilating nicely into a totally normal work enviroment. After a lot of restrospecting I realized my last job really fucked me up in the head, I always knew that but you get a different perspective on it when you work with normal people. So a little recap of the last couple of weeks. Linda had a dye party at her house which has an awesome basement setup for it. I took the greenish yarn I bought at Stitches and decided to play with the color, I was not worried about messing it up, I was going to embrace whatever happened and go with it. I had 20 skeins of Valley Farms yarn, 50/50 wool/alpaca, original color, willow green, 50 grms each for a total of 1000grams. I used 8 tsps of cyan, 8 tsps of yellow and 1/2 tsp of black.
The soaking and original color.
Just in the pot.

Getting alittle color.
Cooking away.
Drying time.
Overall I'm very happy, 15 of the 5 are very uniform in they way they took the color, 5 have mysterious darker patches here and there. I just need to find the perfect pattern, I was hoping to find a heavy detailed cabled cardigan with awesome buttons, wood or leather perhaps. Last week after my first knit class I was a little stressed so I decided to cool-aide dye some lace weight yarn I got from Knitpicks but it arrived too late for the dye party. I totaly cool-aid dying above all others. It has the most instant gratification of all the dye methods. Last weekend was the Celtic Festival in Grant Park. It was nice but it never seems to get any bigger unlike all the other fesivals they have. I had my fill of curry fries and Guinness, shopped around downtown, checked out the local renegad art fest and an unexpected Turkish Festival in Daley Plaza which is where this picture of a woman rug weaving comes from, but blogger sucks right now and won't allow me to post. Blah.

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