Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ode to the Knitters Anon...

I little poem I made with a poetry generator I found. I'm too lazy and it's been to long since I was in school, and dammit I don't feel like trying to be clever right now. I figured what the hell, my friend Cookster her her blog buddy were having a knit poetry contest and I had nothing else to write about tonight, so howsabout a little ass kissing. So there.

Ode to a Knitters Anon...

knitters anonymous The store
sale with better go over the
random winner. 08/31 time
for beginners than combed. I put
them some seaming and I went up seating at
7:08 31 2006 January
2004 May 2005
2004 May 2005 September 2006 issue with sock
yarn 2. 2006 Knitalongs
VINTAGE PATTERNS Recent Entries 6 7 Looking
for the most obnoxious post this
K and
front. unveiled:
Unfortunately, Fleece Artist appear to right, earliest
to explain to the left
side of KPPPM in sock
yarn whoredom Leslie Continuing adventures in sock
yarn whoredom Liz //> Archives
10, 11 So going to
done ...

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