Friday, November 03, 2006

Post 36

Lots to catch up on, I haven't been blogging for awhile. So lets start with the obvious, I AM DEAD, yes, finally my death arrived In a white envelope that beat the odds and actually made it successfully into my mailbox. Yarnmando, if I didn't already have a crush on Franklin....It's been fun emailing people playing this very annoying game. Don, the Yarnmando (really its Yarmando but I like this way better), was so sweet, he upgraded the original yarn the socks were started with to Mountain Colors' Bearfoot(not quite the cashmere I requested, but still very nice and color appropriate to the seasons), they fit perfectly and are going to be great with my red clogs (the red suede clogs have stretched with years of use and water damaged and required thick squishy socks for a proper fit) and will be revealed tomorrow at the Dulaan Knit-In. After this post I will make my death known on the Sock War website. So now that I am officially out of the game, time for a little constructive criticism. I never got my victims e-mail or the pattern as promised, I had to dig around myself to figure it out. If you are going to be on vacation during the playing of the game, don't play. If you die, PROMPTLY send on the socks you were knitting, help the next person on. Yes it sucked to send mail to another country, but it added a nice twist. I think the Sock War website could have been set up better, I would like to see all the contestants names in order and when declared dead, make them red. I only got two deaths under my belt, I would have had more if the postal system in Chicago didn't suck, and if my victims socks didn't languish in unknown homes because of the lack of communication. So that's it. Would I play again, hell yea.
So what do you think this is made out of? It's from a little pattern I picked up at a Qiviut both at Stitches, I couldn't afford the $70/oz for the yarn, but got the pattern for free. A little clue, what color is it? Not brown, not quite beige, did you guess Camel?
Yup, double stranded camel knitted together made this lovely lace cap, it really bloomed after I wash the oil out of it. I really liked the pattern, the way the k2tog/YO and YO/SSk alternated made a great wave, an interesting technique I will have to explore later and work up some of my own designs. On the SP9 homefront, I choose to ship out one big box a month and have the first one done for my person, but the person who has me has chosen to tease me. While waiting for the Socks of Doom to come I received a package of sock yarn, was it a joke? How evil I think, and kinda funny at the same time. It turns out my spoiler has the same taste as me and bought the same yarn I sent my person, lovely autumn colors, the next time I see Beth, the Owner of Lorna's Laces I'll have to tell her the story. Sock Yarn Everywhere! I have also received a couple of funny and cute Hallmark e-mails, the first one was a Saturday Morning Post picture of a dog trying on a half knitted sweater, still on DPN's, dejavu, I've done that very thing. So now a cool thing. Well, if you didn't know now I work for the world's best coffee company, and no, I'm not stupid, it's not Starbucks, duh. Have you ever tasted coffee that cost $30/half pound, I have, and hot damn as they would say in Texas, I've never had coffee like that before, yummy. So anyway we donated some coffee to a customer of ours because they were donated their services to a charity TV show, which has come here. Extreme Home-Maker is doing a house less than 3 miles from where I work and they love our coffee, so we are supplying them with some delicious organic liquid black gold. I volunteered to get up at 6 in the morning to drop off a big batch on Thursday and shmoozed my way to a free t-shirt, yea for me. Unfortunately I did not get to see Ty, not yet.... So tomorrow is the Dulaan project, I volunteered to bring the coffee, not really to be generous, yea well a little, I just really want to meet Franklin, I totally dig his blog.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled that the socks fit and that you like them. I was worried about the color. Most people seem to prefer blues and purples.

You can't have Franklin. He's mine.

--Yar(n)mando, wishing he was in Chicago for the Dulaan Knit-In.