Sunday, November 05, 2006

Post 38

I am getting ballsy now. When things upset me, I am speaking up, case in point, my yearly x-mas airplane ticket. When I was looking around, I saw a great deal on an airline I always fly, and it was the lowest of them anyway. Well, it took a week for me to get ok'd by work and then when I went to purchase, it went up 25 dollars. Well, no big deal, I expected it to go up slowly as the season gets closer. Whoa, but then, the next day, it goes back down, WTF! Seriously, it feels like they were tracking my usage and when iI went to buy the jacked up the price. As of this day it is still at the original price, and I wrote a letter. Sure it's only 25 dollars, but the public has been taught, get your tickets early, the prices go up. I let you know what happens. So this leads me into my rant about the Interweave Knits holiday issue, DON'T BUY IT!

Chances are you've been knitting for awhile and have bought their magazine more than once and maybe even a book or two of theirs. This issue is made of mostly recycled projects. I don't know a knitter out there who doesn't keep all of their magazines in one way or another. I wrote them and told them I wanted my money back, that they should have written a disclaimer that the projects where not all new. I was talking to some people at the Dulaan Project last night that felt the same way I did. So we'll see what the respond back saying.


Laurie said...

This comment pertains to your airline ticket woes. Most airlines will refund you the difference between your original purchase price and the latest posted price, assuming it is the exact same sort of ticket class. Please call your airline and ask for a partial refund!!!

I read about this in (I'm pretty sure) Newsweek or National Geographic Traveler.

Laurie said...

Most airlines will refund you the difference between your purchase price and the currently advertised price, assuming the tickets are for the same exact class of ticket. I read about this in National Geographic Traveler or Newsweek this year. Wish I had known about it a lot earlier.