Saturday, March 10, 2007

Post 51

New York City, or BUST! Yup, I'm going to the big apple. I've always wanted to do a weekend in New York and the right occasion, the right amount and the right travel companion all seem to come together at the right time. So Linda and I are going to see the YarnHarlot at FIT on March 22nd, yea for us, we tried to get other people to go but I don't think anyone had faith in our ability to do it cheap. Linda got the discount for us on United using some coupon and we aren't even sitting in the crappy section, just the next to crappy section. I though the hostel thing wasn't going to work out, but you must have faith, I did, and I found us a bunkbed room in the Midtown/Gramercy Park area. For airfare and hostel the trip is only going to cost me less than $250, what the hell? you say. Yup, we got fucking lucky! I wish there were more SNB Chicago/Wickerpark people going but they'll just have to make do with pictures. We have no preconcieved plans made other than the YarnHarlot lecture, maybe MoMA, some yarns stores and maybe The Frick? museum, the city is open for us to explore. I'm using this experience for as a test for the planning of my trip to the UK in October. Right now my belief is to travel right before (i.e. my week in Montreal/Quebec) and right after the tourist season, prices are cheaper.

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Anni said...

Hi thanks for leaving a message on my blog re the fair isle tool.

Lornas Laces Shepherds Sock is about £6.50 in the UK but I actually got mine from in the US.

Have a great time in NY. I've just read the Yarn Harlot's book 'At knits end' and it's brilliant. Had a good laugh.