Saturday, March 17, 2007

Post 52

4 days and counting until I will be having the ultimate weekend, fun, fiber and friends in the big apple, yea! I've been practicing my latte art at work, it's taking me awhile to get the hang of it, I will in general make one attempt a day and then drink said beverage at my desk. For those of you who didn't know, I work for a coffee company, and while many of my co-workers will make several lattes until the art work is just right, I feel guilty about wasting the milk, heck I'm even practicing on tradition Italian lattes which are half the size of the standard American, just so I get two tries, but it sure is fun. Not bad for someone in the accounting department eh?

I have the nicest neighbor, Big John as I call him, just came back from a trip to New Mexico and brought me this:

Like I told him, I try to get things that are native to the area and you can't get anymore native than this. It is quite itchy so it won't be a hat or garment, it's destined to be one kick-ass Fair Isle/Bohus messed up pillow, I'm thinking the kind where you make an over sized square, draw the corners together and then just seam down the sides, no messing with lining etc. This yarn is hand spun from organic Churro yarn, oh and a churro looks like this:
The history of the animals in the southwest goes back the early Spaniards. I have six skeins in total, each with approximately 175 yards I think, two are natural, two are dyed with Osage orange/yellow, one with cochineal (poor little buggies) and the last two with Osage orange/yellow over bacterial indigo, oh and all the dyes are organic/natural. How nice was that of him? I thought that my camel yarn and Himalayan silk were in the running for most exotic, but this stuff beats them, well until I go to New York, who knows what pretties I will find there! Tomorrow I have a private lesson, back around x-mas this woman bought two hours of my time to teach her granddaughter the basics of mittens so we finally found the time. This lucky girl has a family friend with an alpaca farm in Wisconsin that is going to give her as much yarn as she wants to make mittens and stuff out of and then they will sell them for her, lucky little &^#@%! I recommended that the grandmother buy her the Handbook of Patterns book, AKA the green book because it has the best way to make multiple sizes with various stitches per inch, nothing else will cover the basics like that, and once you make your first one you can play with color, patterns and other stuff. I think afterwards I will head over to the movie theaters and catch a show, 300 or Premonition?

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