Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Post 55

The NYC/Manhattan Yarn Crawl

Annie and Co. is an embroidery shop, I forgot to take a picture of String, it wasn't worth it. This place is cool if you like the other needle arts, and Bette Midler is known to visit.

Knitty City, where I bought a skein of Fleece Artist sock yarn with seacell and a copy of Wild Fibers magazine.
Purl Soho, small but really packs it in. I need to get the name of this yarn that I feel in love with but didn't buy, did get two skeins of Koigu to make a scarf with.

The Point, I didn't get anything here but a Mocha and biscotti. We had a nice time resting our feet and listening the knitting group that filtered in later.

Knit NY (I think). I came away with a the locking green row counter and Habu paper purse kit. Had a cute coffee shop and chatted with a knitter making her first socks on size 13's, yea that no typo.

This is just the hallway at Seaport Yarns, there are many many rooms on both sides bursting with yarn. I finally found the new VK there and picked up a couple of Cherry Tree Hill skeins.

Schoolhouse Products a great first store to go to, if I didn't already have a cheap source for cashmere, I would get it here. Came away with a skein of hand-dyed cashmere boucle for a scarf.

Habu, very small, kind of cramped to move around in, I bought my Habu kit elsewhere, but just around the corner from SchoolHouse, so why not go?

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Christine said...

Great pics! You were at my two personal faves--Knitty City and Schoolhouse Products. I love that you came to NYC and took yarn home as souveniers!