Saturday, March 03, 2007

Post 50

This is the best winter yet! It snows alittle, it melts, it snows alittle again, it melts, and just when you think spring is around the corner, you find yourself in a life size snowglobe, so pretty, lately the snow has been big pretty chunky stuff and real snowflake snow, ahh. I've been a busy little bee, Anne and I finished up out class at Northwestern, it went very well and not one student was all thumbs, they grasped the knitting concept so well that I think they will actually keep it up. I also just did my second beginning knitting class for the City of Chicago's Winter Delight Stitching Salon, and while the class was full as of a couple of weeks ago, only 5 people remembered to come so it was even better than the first, much more intimate and hands on. So on the side I have done some repair work for a customer of a LYS, people please, when someone gifts you with a handknit shawl from New Zealand, so not let your friends dog eat a chunk out of it! BEFORE and AFTER, yea what a mess. I also started to make another pair of socks while waiting for my next project to come in the mail, this is the first sock, on and I broke down and bought sockblockers because it makes photographing so much easier. I finally got my Palette Cardigan kit from Knitpicks, and I'm missing two colors, arghhh. I won't even tell you what happened but it basically comes down to a poorly designed website, so in the end I'll be getting those two balls free of charge, eventually. I started the cardigan and have been happy with it so far, it helps that some time ago I came across a Norwegian fair isle tool that you keep on your index finger and it holds two colors of yarn, basically it's a metal coil. So instead of having to use both hands while knitting, I can just do it the continental way, yea! I'm also glad to find a Palette Cardigan KAL and since this is my first fair isle it will be very helpful. This is a poor quality video I sht of me unboxing the yarn, I just couldn't wait until the next morning when I would have more daylight bouncing off the pile of snow in front of my apartment and into the living room. So that's it in a nutshell unit my FIMS is up again, I'm at Panera and the roommate is getting restless. Oh and here's a Pie in the box.

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Anni said...

Hi, love the job you did on tha shawl. Amazing. The fair isle tool sounds interesting. You couldn't post a link to wherever you got it from could you please? I'm doing a lot of fair isle socks at the moment and although I'm Norwegian and grew up knitting fair isle jumpers I've never been taught the correct technique and it's slowing me down a lot. Love your blog btw. Thank you so much.