Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Post 57

My neighbor next door is having a baby in two weeks, neighbor is a very good fancy dentist, neighbor gets handknitted baby wrap sweater, I get a discount on dental work? I hope so. This is only the second baby thing I've knitted, it's the EZ Baby Surplice Sweater from the new VK done in Sage Green Cotton Fleece. I love that yarn, it is so soft and easy to work with, and this is the first thing I've remembered to put my label in, yea! I actually got the sweater all wrapped up and then realized I for got to photograph it, so I had to unwrap and then rewrap again.
I finished this little scarf last night, I started it on the plane to NYC. We learned this Indian Cross techinique at the last Windy City Guild and I was dying to try it out, light weight yet warm, good for this time of year when Chicago can't decide which season it wants to be in.
The other project I started in NYC will be frogged, it was the right sock yarn for that pattern. I've decided I'm allowed to have four WIP's at one time, sweater, lace, sock and emergency knitted gift (which at anytime can be substituted with a fast project I can't wait to do) Right now I have the Fair Isle Cardigan, the Kool-ade dyed flame lace scarf, I need to pick out sock yarn and I have no emergency knitting. Not bad. I picked up a couple more repair projects, though they look to be just "I'm to lazy to finish, can you piece it together for me" items, easy peasy, I haven't looked at them yet, I hope I don't have to block. Well off to SNB I go, I don't think I'll stay too late, I'm battling a wicked head cold, I thought I won today(I took a sick day yesterday to be safe and try not to contaminate the office), but I'm afraid it might migrate to my voice/throat tonight.

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