Saturday, April 21, 2007

Post 58

Spring has sprung officially and I made a beeline to Home Depot yesterday after work and bought my first batch of flowers. I am a geranium freak, they are the only flowers I can grow in the front of my house with it's peculiar lighting, and better yet, geraniums like me and I can keep them alive and growing well into autumn!

This year I'm trying to go for a more european look and hung little clay pots along the fence by my gate entrance, I think it looks quiant and adds alot to the area since it's near my neighbors staircase and is blah.

Funny thing happened while at the Depot buying the plants, two groups of landscapers got into a fight for plants, yes, effing plants, we're not talking an argument, but fists, how stupid, there were enough to go around. So today was the Lorna's Laces tour for the members of the Windy City Knitting Guild. Don't laugh, but I got up early and was there by 8, it wasn't schudeled to start until 10, but I know they only allow 20 in at a time and if there is something in particular you're looking for you need to prepare, I wasn't the first person, I was number 10.

Boy did I score, I was looking for Lion and Lamb to make another Clapotis and picked up 5 skeins in a great teal colorway, and there wasn't that much there to begin with. If you were a sock knitter, this was your heaven, Beth had tons of sockyarn, heck you could have gotten enough of one colorway to make a sweater. This is what I got, the three bundles on the left are for Linda, the blue yarn and group to the right is mine, the Lion and Lamb is the stuff at the top. I love the new watercan from the Depot!

I curse the neighbor that gave the squirrels peanuts last year, they are digging up everything looking for them, and after I spent so much time last evening sweeping the sidewalk and making everything look pretty. I'm like a little ole italian lady sweaping her cracked grey sidewalk, my goal this year is to wear the outside broom to a nub.

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