Friday, July 27, 2007

Post 65, Some More Crazy

It's an indisbutable fact that knitters are a little crazy, I admit it and I'm a hard core knitter. I'm enjoying my time off and have been busy discovering how much day time tv sucks and looking around on ebay. I picked up a great first edition hard back copy of Barbara Walkers pattern book (oops that was really from, a lovely emerald green eel skin wallet to replace the one I was using that was my mom's (it's a sentimental thing) and then I saw this:
A complete set of vintage ivory knitting needles. Ask yourself how much you would pay for them. I tried a couple of bids, and if I wasn't off work I would have seriously thought of continuing bidding, they ended up going for $152.50, ouch! But as I see it, it's not like you can buy ivory everywhere, and knitting needles to boot, well, I wish I had the money to buy them. The craziness was up there with the bidding for the Alice Starmore Tudor Rose book, like I said knitters are crazy. Well the Thelonius socks are finished and I'm making so head way in the Habu bag for my grandmother, other than that I've been working on some sweater finishing in which I am a little behind on, my bad, things came up. ta ta for now!

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