Monday, July 30, 2007

Post 66, Ravelry

I want to be in Ravelry, all the cool knit bloggers are in it, why can't I be in too?? I feel like I'm in school again wanting to join the cool table at lunch and just not understanding why I'm not allowed, blah! So I signed up for this raverlry knit site the minute I heard about it at the time the person who told me about it was 56 from the top and had signed up 2 months previous, this is where I stand today:
You signed up on July 18, 2007
You are #18190 on the list.
10698 people are ahead of you in line.
3517 people are behind you in line.
33% of the list has been invited so far

Um, this is a knit site too!
So I borrowed a book from a friend because I've got the book reading desire right now (it comes and goes, mostly depending on the availabilty of interesting books that strike my fancy) so this is what I'm currently reading:

It's the dog days of summer knitting-wise and I don't alwaus feel the need or the desire. It doesnt help that of the three projects on the needles, not one interests me with the passion to get it done NOW! You know how that is, forcing yourself to knit. I thought I would be good once I finished the Thelonius socks and not start another pair even though by my own 4 allowed project rules, socks are always acceptable, I haven't yet. (It's a daily battle) This book will keep you going when you have no desire to knit. If your really just want to relax with some good soothing music and maybe a little drink-drink, this will keep the knitting fires in your from going out. I didn't even know someone had written a book on the history of knitting in American, how cool is that, now I don't have to go back to school to write it, because that's what I've always wanted to do. I'm thinking I'm going to need my own copy now for my knitting reference library. I had always thought that circular needles was a developement of the 20th century but there are several references of them before then, and not as circular knitting (i.e. knitting in the round that can be done on double points) but actually notated as circular needles, how cool!

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