Friday, July 13, 2007

Post 64, So Here's the Thing

So here's the thing, the company I worked for for the last year, over spent their budget so to speak and made me a victim of budget cuts. So I was jobless for the first two weeks of July until I fell into a part time job. At first I was sad, and then I was mad (am still really mad for them making me go through the whole job search and no insurance hassle). It's been hard for to turn it around and try to see the sunnier side of this, but I think I see the light, albeit health insurance-less. I'm working part time in heaven, no I'm not dead, I'm working in a yarn store! And after talking to lots of friends and getter their opinions, I'm going back to school so to speak and get a certificate in web design. As my friend Rachael said, she's very computer technically and can write code, but she never realized that blue and orange didn't look good together. So it was suggested that I take my BFA degree combine it with a web-design cert and hopefully I can take that somewhere. In the yarn store I'm surrounded by some very creative people and hopefully that will jump start the juices again. So that's it. I hate having to commute by train again, but at least I'm making way on my Thelonius sock. Oh, and can you say DISCOUNT! I think my friends think I'm going to buy out the store or something, but it's like when I work in jewelry, I thought I liked it all, but being around it all day, you look at some of the yarns differently, and what you thought you liked you don't really and what you thought you would never buy, you think you might

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Linda said...

Yay to going back to school! That sounds just like what is needed: a practical certificate that will bridge your creative and practical sides...and have job market appeal!