Monday, June 02, 2008

Post 150-Catching Up

Ok, now I can talk about the was fantastic, relaxing, I bonded with people that changed my life, I saw raw nature and feel in love with it, now I am back in my apartment with no job and I have the blues.

I won't give the low down of the trip or torture you with over 600 pictures, chances are you were either on the trip with we or have already seen them, if not, go to my flickr page. My internet connection has not been the best over the last week so I haven't gotten far with the editing of the pictures or work on my shutterfly book of the trip, slowly but surely I will be catching up.

Last week was really tough, I was severly depressed and was feeling quite hopeless what saved me was my knitting and I'm trying to feel better. This week will be better, I demand it to be! On the knitting front I frogged back the travel sock to before the heel, the heel was too tight and didn't fit, plus the sock really needed to be longer anyway. As of right now I am so much happier with the sock, the pattern is really easy to memorize and it goes really fast, oh the pattern is the Nutkin. The Rusted Root keeps growing, the sleeves are too big so I'm playing around some kind of decreasing under the arms and I keep toying with the neckline. The pattern has you pick up the neckline and do a few rows or ribbing and then bind off again, well it seems stupid to me that you start with a finished neckline and knit your self down to the hem, there is no way (right now) that I'm going to frog the whole project (not yet...), the plain ribbing didn't work for me so now I'm playing with ribbing with a picot edge and then fold it over and do a sewn bind off. I also think that once I get past the bust I might do some side decreasing and then make the sweater tunic length with side splits perhaps? I dunno, really I'm just playing around with the yarn, I love it so much but I really need to hurry up because I have another sweater on the brain and can't stop thinking about the yarn possibilities for that one, why can't I have a sweater on the brain that would make us of the yarn I already have? The lovely Raven Frog yarn I bought in Ketchikan was knit up into a lovely ruffled little wrap-shawl thingy, weeeel, I got almost to the end only to find out that I didn't like the pattern after, I think it's going to be frogged. This yarn is turning out to be hard to find a pattern for, I think I'm over multicolored lace weight yarn, that's a lot of knitting to not see a pattern pop. :(

Now some good advice, don't see the new Indiana Jones movie, it sucked so bad I had to pop in the Last Crusade the next day just to cleanse my head.
Do see the new Sex and the City movie, it was great but I won't give it away, however there is no need to dress up like SJP wearing heels to sit for two hours in a dark theatre.

Rachaels birthday was last week so Linda, Shannon and I went out to see the new SITC movie and went out to the Weber Grill afterward(Don't go to the Weber Grill in Chicago, service was slow and the food was so-so). I got Rachael a nice bottle of whiskey for her b-day, plus I volunteered to make her cake, everyone deserves cake for their birthday. Except for the vanilla, everything was either organic or natural event the food coloring used in the Marzipan and the reason I wanted to make the cake is because I wanted to play with making Marzipan knitting, easy to do and really cute I think.

Other than knitting, sending out my resume, and calling my temp office, I've been doing a lot of cooking. The blueberry pie was bad, it was too juicy and never thickened, might have something to do with the frozen cherries I threw in. I discovered the magic of pink sauces on pasta a couple of months and feel in love, I've tried to make it myself but with out a recipe to help me I've had to try Newman's Own and yum! So cook and shred some chicken, add some sauce and toss with past and I'm in heaven. Tonight I made some peanut butter cookies and am very happy. Truth be told I only wanted a few and so I make a whole batch (it's impossible to half a recipe that only requires 1 egg) and gave most away to my neighbor John (bringer of organic natural yarn from New mexico). The garden is going well, tomatoe plants are happy, basil is sprouting and all over green lushness is in full bloom. Along with happy plants I have bountiful weeds and I discovered the best natural weed killer (no chemicals near my produce bearing plants please!), vinegar with a splash of dish soap in a spray bottle and bye weeds bye!

So that's it, I think I'm now caught up with all the details for the past two weeks, pictures of knitting projects to follow.


Linda said...

Hey, didn't going to see SITC make you feel less down? I had a great time, even though I didn't get dressed up! Time for another dream temp job to get you back into the swing of things?

Sharon Rose said...

*hugs* Sorry you had a rough week. Wish I were there to pinch you and make you feel better (that sounds wierd but you know what I mean). Come visit if you need a change of scenery!