Thursday, June 05, 2008

Post 151-Turning Tables

This week has been a little better, talking to friends and knowing I have peeps out there to cheer me up is nice. I'm slowly getting up a little earlier which is really thanks to the damn cat, getting dressed before noon is nice.

I've got some new yarn for my stash. The Handmaiden Four Two Silk in Glacier that I picked up in Victoria was calling to go home and Amy Singer contacted me for a trade. I'm happy with what I got but I'm worried that she hasn't received her yarn yet, the post office said 5-10 days and I guess they really mean it! I'm not sure what I would have done with only 440 yards of silk yarn and think that 1000 yarns of lavender lace weight is more practical.

I trade this yummy and got....

This yummy.
It's really not so blue in person, the lack of natural daylight at midnight had me relying on pure flash.

Boy that pair of socks I was working on on the trip is coming along. The first was finally blocked last night and now that I know how to modify the pattern for a better fit and better heel I'm already at the heel flap on number two! The Lornas Laces yarn is a dream to knit on and with a couple skeins from them and a set of 0's dpn's I'm happy as a clam on a dessert island.

The pooling is a little funky and the pattern does get a little lost but it's really growing on me in some gothic funky way and in some sections the big red blobs of pooling make me really want to play with some solid Shepherds Sock stuff. Actually I have a design project that would use one skein in my head that I would like to submit to Knitty, it's a great pattern and there should be more of them out there all I have to do is a little light math, some lace charting and we shall see....

Tonight before I go to bed I will try on the Rusted Root and see if the modifications I made are good or if I really will need to rip that back to before the sleeve/body split. I'm not quite confident my changes will fix the problems it just one of those try it on and see things.

So I was talking to my good friend and neighbor John the other day and somehow we got to talking about four leaf clovers. I told him that I've found several and he said he had never seen one in his whole life. Well, this afternoon I was walking Bella and went toward his house and on the way there I passed this new fugly brick monstrosity that was built last year and hasn't sold yet and in the front of the property where a lovely garden should be is nothing but weeds and clovers. I took a couple of quick looks for a four leaf clover, a habit of mine while waiting for the dog to find the perfect spot to pee, and found one, so I plucked it and gave it to John as proof of their natural existence. I kinda felt bad that I gave away a lucky four leaf clover when I need all the luck I can get right now, so I went back to scout for some more. Hells Bells, if I didn't find a whole bunch more, 14 to be exact! I rushed home and promptly pressed them in a book and the only book on the bookshelf that jumped out as the one to press them in and remember that they're there is the one that my great uncle wrote about growing up in the depression, Missouri Blue if you're wondering.

Here's proof, maybe I'll get lucky in many different ways ;)

And now some more pictures from the Sea Socks trip.

I finally got to go to the GlassyBaby studio the day we docked back in Seattle. Ana, Holly2 and Lisa went to Acorn Yarn, which is a yarn store that we had to skip on the crawl and afterward Lisa went with me to the neighborhood of Madrona to the studio. I've always wanted a Glassy Baby every since I saw them on Martha, the one I bought was a very pale translucent pink.

One of the things I wanted to do in Seattle was go to the very first Starbucks. I appreciate what they brought to us, the love of coffee, but then their train went of track and like Microsoft before them who also had a good idea, they got too big for their britches and now everyone hates them. I bought the girls a round of drinks on me and used the gift cards I won at my last temp job and therefore did not spend my own money.

I did however have to molest the mermaid, it pays to be tall.

Just a lovely random photo of raw and untouched Alaskan coastline, somewhere.


A :-) said...

I LOVE those glassbaby things! I never heard of them before - but I saw at least 7 or 8 colors that would totally rock in my house. :-D

Sharon Rose said...

Yay! I'm so pround that yarn wound up with Amy. I did pick it for her! :)
Anyway, good job with the mermaid and I hope I get to see you soon. Miss you!