Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Post 153-Growing Things

Right now I'm doing really good at growing things, gardens, socks and even my hair. The garden is just taking off and I can't believe how well the plants are doing. Every year is trial and error in what will grow in pots, basil and my favorite herbs, no problem and now I can add tomatoes to the line up.

It's nice to grow your own tomatoes when you can't buy them in the stores right now.

I have no idea how my eggplant, cucumber, melon and pepper plant will do I had this large pot to fill and thought it might be cool so we'll so see. I think the garden has been happy with the weather, it's starting to get a little warm here but all the rainstorms have kept me from having to water everyday.

The garden.

It was a really really nice day yesterday.

I finished the Sea Socks traveling sock that I called Artery because the way the red colored pool and striped. I really liked the Nutkin pattern, it was easy to memorize and I would do it again but not with the heel type that's in the pattern. Last week I was babysitting and knowing that I would be finishing the sock while there I pulled a ball of Noro sock yarn from my stash to start working with. Of all the sock yarns to my disposal it was the only one already balled and ready to go which is nice when you are running late and don't have time to ball up a skein. So far I like the yarn, yea it's rough and slightly scratching and don't forget that it's a single ply, but I really like it, it's different from all the smooshy fancy sock yarns in my stash. While looking around in Ravelry at other patterns that people did with this yarn I saw the Snowdrop Socks pattern and it was perfect, it's mostly Stockinette knitting except for a narrow band of lace up the center front. I have vertically challenge calves meaning, my ankles and calves are phat (yea I used the cool funky spelling but nothing will ever making trendy). Knowing my issues and the fact that there are no patterns out there to address the issue I'm used to doing my own leg shaping and I prefer the increasing to take place up the center back. To make this all cute and to tie in part of the lace pattern in the front I'm doing a YO, sl1 ktog psso, Yo every other row and flanking it with the leg shaping increasing, very nice.

So pretty in the garden.

Thing I have been meaning to do but have gotten to lazy today, cleaning dishes, spinning (yarn), fixing the Rusted Root, finishing grandma's bag and cleaning the house, so toodles, I have go and buy toilet paper.


Schecki said...

If nothing else, the Kureyon sock yarn washes up to be very soft. A woman at my shop brought in a pair she knit and it was a night and day difference between the yarn and the finished sock.

Sharon Rose said...

You're so lucky - I have a black thumb!

Linda said...

Nice job on the garden, and the socks!