Friday, October 10, 2008

Post 169-And Then There Were Two...

The wait continues. Yesterdays job interview went well, pays not the best but the company is awesome, local owned and operated, financially stable and doing well, I can walk there if I had to and maybe come home for lunch (and walk crazy dog). I got a lovely call from HR and they have one other person to interview and then they will let me know on Tuesday. Yes, I sent thank you emails (which I already got one response) and just sent out thank you cards. I have done all I can.

So now the crazy dog. My wise neighbor told me that you can tell when a new dog has adjust to it's new home and become one of the members of the household, the dog will start letting down it's guard. Boy has it happened! All of a sudden Mia is being naughty. Say goodbye to waste baskets, she tips them over and drags everything out, recycle bin is banished to the back staircase and nothing tasty can be left out. Mia wants to play and get in trouble, it's nice to have an active dog again though when ever I'm around all she wants to do is sleep on my lap. I don't have a lap dog, I have a attached to the hip dog. I love her.

I finally got my USB memory card reader so now some long awaited pictures.

And I thought Qiviut was expensive. I did good last year in buying my little ball of luxury for around 70 bucks, this year at Stitches it was over 90. The vendor I got mine from had Vicuna for sale. There is no way in the near future I will be able to afford Vicuna but he was nice enough to take a picture of me hold it.

I spotted one of knit hero's out in the wild at Stitches and she was nice enough to take a picture with me, Nancy Bush! I sorta took a lace class from her many years ago when CookieA, Rachael and I went to some knitting convention in Toledo and I have all her books. Me so happy. Now I hate the picture of me, which is one reason I'm doing the medical study and I have to admit Nancy Bush looks a little tired and not so thrilled, I'm sure she just finished teaching a class and just want to shop in peace.

Glorious in blue, Franklin wearing I don't know what at YarnCon. He's such a sport, is a great hugger and I'm telling you, nice ass.

From left to right, one of the girls from Mason Dixon, Bonne Marie who was in the original Chicago Stitch N Bitch with me and has one of her wonderful patterns in the book and on the far right, Linda's head and ass.

Now I'm off some tension off my face, put on some anti-stress cream and get some good, long and deep sleep.


A :-) said...

Hope you get good news on the job front soon!

Sharon Rose said...

Cute pics - good luck with the interview stuff!