Friday, October 24, 2008

Post 171-1 Down, 9 More to Go

I am a knitter and by that admission I must embrace tedium from time to time, but OMG! I am soooo bored at work. I scored a temp job for the rest of the year AKA 9 weeks, and while it's not difficult to do, its as boring as hell. I'm just filling for someone who is leaving the company because the company is moving to Texas. Now I don't get this, this person is getting a sevrence package from the company but because they aren't paying or really bribing her to stay to the end she's leaving next week. Does she have another job lined up, no, does the economy suck, yes, are people being laid off everyday, yes, are jobs hard to come, yes. I don't get it, but it doesn't matter, I got her job.

I'm glad I have good problem solving skills, though sometimes it can take me awhile to see the whole picture and find a way to climb out of a hole. My laptop is kind of old but it's hearty, it works and I love it. The battery, I noticed, was slowly losing it's charging power, but I could see that coming and knew it would have to be replaced again. At the same time that the battery was dieing I must have squished my power cord box one too many times under my recliner because all at once I started have problems keeping my computer powered up. I was able to go online every once in awhile by using my roomies power cable but with it not quite fitting my laptop and with the battery biting the dust I came to the conclusion that a new battery was needed. I love ebay and the amazing deals you find there. So I got the new battery but still have the problem with the power cord. I did some research and had to prepare myself for one of three possible problems. 1. The power cord box has died and just needs to be replaced. 2. The connection between where the power cord is inserted and the important parts inside is loose and needs to be repaired. 3. The motherboard needs to be replaced. After performing some minor surgery of unscrewing the bottom cover of my computer and checking the connections I deducted everything is fine down there so lets go to ebay and get a new power cord and hope for the best. YEA! All is well again, laptop is happy, battery has charged and little green light is brightly signaling a working and happy power cord. All is good in my computerland again.

So this weekend the plan is to:

Clean house-much needed since the house cleaning fairy has been banished for the rest of the year due to budget cuts.

Find Knitting Mojo-it's in here somewhere, probably inside a half knitted sleeve for a sweater that would be highly appreciated in the current cold weather

Frog the Rusted Root-it's been sitting in limbo for way too long and I don't like the way the neckline was designed, plus a new person to my knitting group made the Dahlia and I like it much better, tunics look good on me.

Help jewelry lady set-up show-I might also mention to her that she owes me a lot of money that I would kinda like to see some of it sooner than later.

Give private lesson-I like teaching people how to knit socks and see their reactions when they realize how easy it is when you break it down step by step.

Help Chicken Linda-Garden Party at Linda's house Sunday, just imagine yourself wrapped up in warm sweaters and scarves digging in a garden and prepping it for the winter, rosy checks are a requirement. It's the least I could do since I was unable to attend the applesauce party or the hydrating apples shindig.

And last but not least, pamper self by having a sugar body scrub, manicure and pedicure at home and then sleeping the hell in past 6:45 am for the first time in a week!

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