Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Post 167, Me So Tired

I am one tuckered out girl here. I have, in the name of science, volunteered for a medication research study for a condition that I have, this required me to get to Northwestern Medical at 6:45 am Monday morning and stay until 4:30 pm Tuesday afternoon. I got home yesterday and took a nap, got up and ate out at my favorite pasta place as a kind of last supper of yummy food then went to bed. I am still tired even after a nap today, being at a hospital is tiring, having your arms treated as a voodoo doll and feeling like a piece of meat, exhausting, but if you ever find yourself on floor 10 in of the Feinberg Pavilion in the General Clinical Research Care ward and have tricky veins, ask for Joan, she's the best pricker ever! So enough on that, for six months I will be taking special meds, eat a more restricted diet (though nothing harsh) and therefore probably be more bitchier than ever, ha! Rachael and other pcos-sisters, you owe be one.

Camera cord still hasn't been found, will probably show up after I the USB flash drive memory card reader that I ordered on Amazon gets here. I hope this thing works because I have the cutest dog sweater to show off and a large backlog of pictures piling up.

It's getting chilly here in Chicago, I'm really going to have to get my lazy ass in gear and finish the twisted yoke cardy because I could really use it now! Last night my toes were so cold I finally pulled out the uber thick duvet that I invested in last year, oh how I love you, it's like covering yourself with a fluffy layer of heaven, I may not need to plug in the heated mattress pad this year because of it.

I'm tired and need to go take another nap and maybe figure out some way to remove all the tape and band-aid residue from my arms.

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A :-) said...

Good luck with this - I hope it turns out great for you.