Thursday, February 12, 2009

Post 193-A Case of Indigo

God I love Chicago. So what if the politicians are corrupt, so what you get a boot after 2 measly parking tickets, you got the blues to soothe you. I never understood why we don't have a radio station that plays the good ole blues and jazz stuff, in the city you're lucky to pick up one of the suburban community colleges that play it. I understand the many shades of blue and how they relate to your feelings, and I've had a case of indigo. Not old fashion blue jean indigo, but deep dark stuff. When I was working at the Saudi museum I was cataloguing the costumes and came across these facemasks that some women would wear that only covered the face from the middle of the nose on up. Those masks were pounded with indigo and the color was so dark it looked shiny black, I get it now and I embrace it.

A new website I've been playing with, it's all the rage now.

The pale green Cash Iroha Hourglass Sweater is coming along, I'm almost finished with the decreasing at the bottom and am working my way up. I like the feeling of the new fabric I'm making with the smaller needles and even though I'm not the largest size I did cast on for it and I was going to add a couple more decreases to make it fit my waist, but I have this nagging feeling it might be too big. It's hard to say, I do have an hourglass shape with curvy hips and with the recent weightloss my waist is back, I just don't know. I'll give it a couple more inches but if I have to rip it out a third time, it might get frogged and put on the shelf for awhile in the "wrong time to knit this pile, stop now or you will really fuck it up".

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