Monday, February 02, 2009

Post 190-They Come In Threes

First-The heater in my apartment went out on Friday. My landlord was contacted prompted which was easy since he lives upstairs from me. HVAC guy came out, fiddled a bit and then declared a new motor was needed and being that the time was near evening on the Saturday before the Superbowl, the likely hood of getting one before Monday was impossible. No problem, landlord gave roomie and I a couple of space heaters and all is well. Not so, Monday has come and gone and no heater guy, nope, not until tomorrow. This is a minor inconvenience and in the grand schemes not the end of the world, I have a fuzzy cat, hot little dog and uber warm down comforter to keep my cozy during this order except....

Second- Hours after coming home from Valerie's house warming party I come down with the stomach flu. It's been a good two years I think, though I can't really remember, since I was last sick, including catching a cold. I've had the flu and the stomach flu which really isn't the flu, but every time I try to forget the unnatural things your body has to go through, it's just wrong! I really think it was the stomach flu because I didn't have a fever or lingering chills, mine were just from the lack of warmth in the house. So either I got sick from someone or something at the party (and it was the most socializing I've done with the largest group of people I didn't know in a long time), or me being a good girl and eating healthy backfired and the spinach salad I shared with Karen at Knit1 while I was helping her out last week backfired. I'll call her tomorrow and ask if she felt OK this weekend.

Third-In my drawn out attempt at cleaning and purging the excess in my room, I have discovered tonight that my laundry machine no longer wishes to cooperate and has denied me it's agitation and spin cycle. Thankfully all the undies and jeans are clean and all I really needed to do next were some sweaters which I guess can do the old fashion soak and air dry way.

See, these things do come in threes.

Mia keeping warm in the burrow she made in my down duvet just as I was writing this post, ahhhh.

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