Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Post 32

So, earlier this year I went on a tour/buying visit to Lorna's Laces and came away with some good deals. I bought this skein with the idea to make a dog sweater for Bella. Well, funky fall weather has come to Chicago, one week it's warm, the next cool, and right now a BIG thunder/Tornado storm. With the soon to permently cold approaching I thought it would be nice to get started on the promised dog sweater, it will be the first I knitted for her, not one she inherited from Mona. After a second look I no longer like the color of the yarn, so I thought, Kool Aid! I love kool aid dying, its so easy, and talk about instant gratification. The yarn is Lorna's Laces, superwash bulky.


I couldn't tell you what colors/flavors I used, I just bought a bunch of packets and played with it. I turns out some yarn takes to the dye better than others, and this one did beautifully. The color's not quite solid, but has this unusual multi-layered color thing happening, it kinda looks like plied Manos. It took to the dye so well that after the initial nooking in the microwave, I could just dip it in a bowl with really hot water and the color would slowly go from the water to the yarn. This is it all balled up, getting alot of attention from the Piewacket.

Just enough to do a fast sweater with no thrills, no turtle neck collar and no sleeves, its a quicky dog sweater.

I love this method so much, and overdying already purchased dyed yarn opens up the possibilites. I've seen several little articles about Kool Aid dying, but I think a really indepth book with techniques and extensive color wheel would be great....I wonder

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