Monday, October 16, 2006

Post 35

FINALLy, those damn Sock War socks are done. I ran of time on saturday to mail them, got my haircut, so out they went today. If the mail goddess is with me they might actually make it to the Netherlands in the 4-7 time frame they promised, I sent them cheap. I can only hope that the postal system is better there than here, I've been waiting 12 days for my Hyacinth flower bulbs I ordered on ebay. I guess if I never get them I can figure out next spring which neighbor swiped them, for all I know landlord has them upstairs on his counter, idiot.
I had a pretty lazy weekend. Roommate is gone until wednesday so was able to lazy away the whole weekend and just knit knit knit! I made a pair of Mrs. Beeton's wristlest, but with mine I added a hand covering. Boy are they warm, and the double row of lacy made a nice cushion when typing on the computer at work. I was able to stash dive for the mohair, Rowan Kidsilk, and instead of the MC yarn in the pattern I used Rowan Tapestry. Fast, easy-peasy. Now I'm down to two projects, the hemp socks and the Candle Flame Scarf. Secret Pal 9 is off and running, I can't say what I'm doing for my person, but it's way cool. Sock Wars is at a stalemate right now, trying to figure where I stand and who is dead is a royal pain. I have two dead under my belt and I'm still alive. I wouldn't mind dying though, it's getting cold in my office and warm thick socks whould be nice, no not really, I want to win.

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lorinda said...

hope your hyacinths show up; best scent ever.