Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Post 34

I love the fact that I have a real computer at work. Unlike my previous employment, I can now check my e-mail and listen to itunes. I've been catching up on back episodes of Cast On. When knitting podcast first blew onto the scene I enjoyed Knit Cast, but wasn't so sure about Cast On, but now I love it. It's like discovering a new author and then finding out that they've already written dozens of books, all the better! So I'm slowly making my way thru the old episodes, I'm finding it very inspirational. I've done it, I frogged the Evil Rowan Sweater! It's been sitting around for ever now, I started it years ago, never like the way they wrote it, and almost finished the last piece. I find that I no longer love the pattern, it's nice, but it's no longer love. The yarn is really lovely and I can't wait to find the perfect next thing for it, maybe the Rogue Cardigan?? Other news, I made the Ribbi Cardi last year but I never bought the zipper. I used to like the colors, pumpkin orange for the body and Burgundy for the sleeves, but eh, no more. So I will take my fondness for Kool Aid dying and try dying the whole garment, plum should be nice, I then imagine a little embroidery....I will be much happier, especially since I'm working in more of a jeans and sweaters place than a hose and heels. On the Sock Wars front, my victims, victims socks are not going so well. They will be finished tonight or tomorrow and will be mailed to the Netherlands as promised but the yarn sucks, am not inspired, oh and ran out...on the foot of the second sock. If I knew this before I would done it differently and more creatively, but since I didn't buy the yarn what can I do. I want to have at least two victims under my belt before I'm dead. It just so happens that the yarn choice was actually two different yarns knitted together and that one of them is a white angora blend, which luckily enough, if you can believe it I can match. This must mean the stash has finally redeemed itself. I bought a sweater at the Salvation Army and am frogging it for the yarn and it's a match. I can't match the other yarn that was knitted with it, so the foot will be white, but don't blame me. At least it's angora and not acrylic!

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